pufCBD is born…



  • WHO:  Medical marijuana venture fund
  • WHAT:  Group out of Maryland with capital, university-level research department, experienced PHd’s and an interest in the cannabis industry. 
  • WHERE:  Baltimore, Maryland  
  • WHEN:  November 2016
  • CHALLENGE:  Having combined capital and resources, the group was uncertain about how to invest or what to produce in the cannabis industry.   


After meeting with investors, chief financial officer and staff we not only made the following recommendations, we did it for them:  

  • Created the concept of vitamin-enhanced hemp-based CBD products.
  • Created the brand identity and marketing.
  • Created the pricing and go-to-market strategy.
  • Assisted with sourcing and manufacturing partners.
  • Structured distribution agreement with AlderEgo Distribution.


Soon to launch, pufCBD has received excellent pre-sales feedback and is expected to do roughly $500,000 in sales within the first three months of their first delivery.