Increase Your Sales In 45 Days…



  • WHO:  Recreational Cannabis Producer-Processor (I-502 Licensed)
  • WHAT:  Former medical marijuana owner invested over $1M, specializing in CO2 Oil Extraction averaging less than $30,000 per month in sales. 
  • WHERE:  Seattle, Washington  
  • WHEN:  July 2016
  • CHALLENGE:  Unable to competitively sell to state-licensed retail stores.  


After meeting with with management, sales and operations we not only made the following recommendations, we did it for them:  

  • Liquidated existing inventory to provide capital for changes.
  • Fired, trained and installed new management team.
  • Fired, trained and installed new operations team.
  • Designed a new product development strategy.
  • Re-engineered their work space to optimize efficiency.
  • Re-negotiated contracts with existing suppliers. 


Our group helped our client increase monthly sales from $30,000 to over $180,000 in less than 45 days. 

Our distribution services allowed us to increase operational efficiency so they could focus on improving overall products and marketing.  



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