About AlderEgo Holdings

Since 2014, our company has been helping our partners source, sell and distribute their products to new and emerging industries.  



Anyone can sell you a product or service. However, not everyone can tell you what to sell, how to sell it and be successful doing it. Our company knows the growing legal cannabis industry incredibly well because our years of distribution allowed us to understand what sells and why?  

In 2014, we began selling accessories and paraphernalia with over 400 different product SKU’s. Today, our company has a very focused collection of 40+ products that are industry best-sellers.  

In 2015, we began selling infused products (i.e., edibles, concentrates, packaged goods) to over 100+ retailers. Our company later began processing infused products for the Washington State I-502 21+ Recreational Industry.  

Today, our company focuses primarily on our accessory & paraphernalia business; sourcing and manufacturing directly with our exclusive Chinese manufacturing partners. We supply over 100+ retailers with branded merchandise today. 



As individual states across the country look to legalize medicinal and recreational cannabis, our company has provided market intelligence, logistics and successful sales strategies. Our retail network expands across the entire country and varies from medical marijuana dispensaries to local convenience stores. 




PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT:  Our distribution infrastructure enables us to share insight with our partners that enable them to develop a better understanding of how products are produced, purchased and consumed. Because each state is different and suffers from fragmentation, it is challenging to understand the unique requirements needed to be successful. 

We’ve helped many of our clients avoid costly mistakes, unnecessary large capital investments and poor hiring decisions. 

As a team, we collaborate with our partners to help them ‘Think Differently’ to create products that are dynamic, unique and demanded in the market today. 

MANAGEMENT:  The new cannabis industry is very similar to any new industry. We often find incredibly talented cultivators, extraction artists, scientists and inventors with wonderful ideas; but usually lack the desire or interest to create a new and successful company.  

Our team has years of experience working with entrepreneurs and start-ups in other emerging industries.  Many of the challenges and needs are similar, so we’ve had great success helping our clients and partners form a management team and design processes that promote efficiency and financial responsibility. 

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MARKETING:  Consumer behavior is unique within the emerging cannabis industry today. It’s important that you’re company, products and brand connect with the right audience. We’ve helped many companies identify their audience and then develop a voice and visual identity that effectively communicates their values, product information and reasons for engagement. 

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